SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA over standard Microsoft SQL database versions of SAP Business One and focuses on areas of enhancement and new features related to SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA.

“SAP developed (an) in-memory database platform that at its core it uses innovative techniques to store your data that is particularly suited for handling very large amounts of relational, data with unprecedented performance.”*

SAP continues to invest in the core functionality of SAP Business One but a number of the latest features, like pervasive analytics and graphical reporting, are being released on HANA first because of its extension and availability.

Here are some of the latest features being released on SAP Business One 9.1 on HANA that might make you want to upgrade:

HANA_Enterprise_SearchEnterprise Search
Allows you to search across all SAP Business One modules without having to know the menu. With this feature you can do a full text search that includes all User Defined Fields (UDFs) and Tables (UDTs) using dynamic filters to narrow down objects found.

Excel Interactive Analysis
With the semantic layer in HANA, this feature lets users decide how they want to slice and dice their data using an excel pivot table interface. There are pre-defined cubes but there is also an option to build your own custom cubes using HANA Studio.

Pervasive Analytic Dashboards
SAP Business One on HANA gives you the ability to relate business actions to pervasive dashboards.Filtered dashboards are another feature, where you can drill into details and display critical data grouped on a dedicated dashboard.

HANA_Workbench_WidgetWorkbench Widget and Fiori Cockpit for Analytics
This is a graphical reporting feature for your daily operations with predefined cockpits for sales, purchasing, finance and inventory.