Professional Services

To deliver the highest level of service while maintaining profitability, professional services firms must carefully develop and manage client relationships, maximize resource utilization, and improve operational efficiency in delivering projects and services while adhering to government regulatory requirements. Industry-specific solutions from SAP partners can help you manage these issues while upholding a commitment to service.

Job Costing is a centralized job management solution. You can prepare estimates and quotations and track labour, materials, purchases, and resource usage against jobs, projects, and contracts. It also provides project managers with real-time, detailed cost information to monitor project performance and improve efficiency. And because it delivers reporting and alerts management, it’s an ideal fit for any business that manages service delivery or projects. Customers gain a new level of control and visibility that enables them to proactively drive profitabilityand return on investment.

Functionality: Job management, estimating, time-sheet entry, inventory, purchasing, service contracts, and invoicing