Apparel One

Designed for apparel, footwear, and soft-furnishing manufacturers and importers, Apparel One is a powerful add-on that integrates with SAP Business One. The software supports the management of finished inventory, raw materials, cut tickets, allocations, accounts payable and receivable, UPC codes, and much more.

Functionality: Product segmentation, sales order management, bill of materials definition, accounting, production and purchase ordering, customized reporting, packaging requirements definition,and inventory and material management

Fashion One

Fashion One add-on integrates with SAP Business One specifically for companies in the apparel manufacturing and importing business. The software helps you manage finished inventory, raw materials, allocations, accounts payable and receivable, and UPC codes. Flexible definitions of the matrix make SKU generation simple, powerful, and automated. Inventory becomes more manageable.New styles can be introduced quickly, promoting faster time to sales.

Functionality: Finished inventory and raw materials management, SKU generation, allocations, accounts payable and receivable, and UPC codes