As a manufacturer operating in today’s global economy, your organization must continually strike a balance between controlling cost and maintaining performance levels in production processes.You need to quickly respond to customer demand, production disruptions, and a complex supply network. Industry-specific solutions from SAP partners can help you address these issues while pursuing operational excellence.

Manufacturing is a complete manufacturing execution system built on a foundation of specialized software functions designed specifically for manufacturing companies with core functionality to support multi version bills of materials, routings, finite capacity planning and scheduling, actual costing, and data collection for time and attendance. The software provides complete control over production operations, including lot and serial number tracking, which eliminates redundant data entry and helps ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the shop floor.

Functionality: Capacity planning and scheduling, job costing, bill-of-materials version with routings and quality assurance, bill-of-materials management, plant management, shop-floor data collection, lot and serial number tracking, real-time dashboards, and time and attendance recording