SAP ECC Software

SAP ECC stands for “Enterprise Central Component, SAP ECC is also referred a R/3 and ERP SAP. SAP ECC 6.0 is one of the leading ERP software that tracks and manages in real-time sales, production, manufacturing, human resources in an organization.

SAP ECC is the world largest business software that offering applications and services to the organizations. SAP software offers an integrates systems so that all the SAP modules are implemented in one systems.

SAP ECC provides multi dimensional and flexible reporting.
SAP provides clear cut of job roles and authorizations.
Integration across the business solutions and online business information system.
It takes care of any business enterprise operations.
SAP Software can be used by any small, medium and multinational companies.
Real time tracking, analyzing and reporting .
Controlling over the duplication of data, only single point of data entry.
SAP is designed as per business requirements to meet their customer needs.
Supports multi currencies , multi lingual and runs on multi Operational systems (OS).
SAP ECC can be easily integrate with other non SAP systems

SAP R/3 ECC system is a three tier architecture.

The three tiers of SAP systems are as follows.

Presentation tier: – It is a SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface), the authorized users works at this tier. Presentation tier contacts database tier via application tier.

Application tier: – Application tier interacts with presentation server and database server. The applications in the SAP are coded by ABAP language.

Database tier: – It is a central database of SAP systems and stores all the data. It receives the queries from application tier and send the requested queries to application layer and passes to presentation server.