Wholesale and Distribution

Wholesale distributors face a variety of market pressures ranging from consolidation and compliance with regulations to the need to provide innovative services and improve customer retention. To simultaneously manage these issues, gain competitive advantage, and increase operational excellence, organizations need to reduce the cost of goods, increase revenue,and decrease operating expenses. Industry-specific solutions from SAP partners can help you address these issues and maintain operational control

Solution for Distributors provides comprehensive business management software for advertising specialities and promotional products companies. It helps you streamline project workflow and improve productivity. With the warehouse management software, you can gain better control of warehouse movements, adjustments, and more by using Web-enabled wireless handheld devices. You can also manage receipts, bin adjustments, and picking and view part-bin inquiries.

Functionality: Warehouse management, adjustments, wireless device integration, receipts, bin adjustments, picking, and part-bin inquiries


Retailers operate in a world of constant change and intensified competition. To succeed, you need to ensure the availability of the right products at the right time to attract and retain customers.
Industry-specific solutions from SAP partners can help you address these issues while maintaining profitability and strengthening customer loyalty. Retail Solution is a point of- sale (POS) solution that supports both retail and business management processes. It expedites checkout and back-office tasks, scales up smoothly for expansion, includes e-commerce functionality, and cuts your POS system and inventory costs. Easy integration with the Internet and software packages avoids double work and broadens management visibility.

Functionality: Financial accounting and reporting; sales, marketing, and promotions management; customer relationship management; employee scheduling; and inventory management